How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten


Kindergarten is a big step for young children and can bring big changes. For some children, it’s the first time they are exposed to a more structured school setting. For others, it entails moving up to a bigger classroom from the smaller classroom they are used to when they attended preschool in New York.

Hence, kids respond differently to the new change. While others are excited about attending a more advanced childcare center, others may feel nervous about the big change. To help your child with this transition, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Establish morning and bedtime routines.
    When your child is enrolled in an early learning center, there is a good chance your child will have a new morning routine. This may entail an earlier wake-up time to get ready for school or the ride to school. Hence, you may have to move your child’s bedtime to an earlier time.
  • Introduce the idea of following directions.
    Children in kindergarten are expected to follow instructions throughout the day. Introduce this concept at home, so your child can practice. You can do so by playing games or allowing your child to assist with household chores that require different steps.
  • Practice kindergarten skills together.
    Before joining kindergarten class, practice activities your child will be doing in class. This may include how to hold a pencil or how to tie shoelaces. Although there is certainly no pressure to master these skills before school starts, learning how to do them can make it easier for your child.

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