Online Learning to Keep Children Protected From the Virus

Online Learning to Keep Children Protected From the Virus

The ongoing health crisis caused by the coronavirus has completely taken a turn on life right now. It has led to the closure of schools and other learning center, which greatly affected how education is delivered. Indeed, the pandemic has reshaped the education, shifting the system to online learning strategies.

Here at Rainbow Rhymes Learning Center, Inc., we value the importance of children not missing out on learning, especially as the child’s mind continues to develop. With this, our daycare in Bronx, New York has adapted remote learning for children to keep learning while being protected from the virus. Having technology at hand plays a great contribution to the success of online learning in the child’s development. Even without physical contact or communication, we aim to continue providing quality learning for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Despite the pandemic, the staff of Rainbow Rhymes make sure our students are engaged and are stimulated in a fun environment. We are committed to making sure the learning never stops.

To help keep the children’s education on track, our preschool in New York provides quality activities and games that stimulate the child’s development. Delivering online education is a way of overcoming the education challenges brought about by the pandemic while ensuring children continue to learn. This is to keep not only the children but the whole family safe from the infection of the disease. Online learning, staying at home, engaging in frequent hand washing practices and wearing a mask will greatly diminish the transmission of the virus while keeping everyone healthy and protected.

Don’t let the pandemic hinder your child from learning. Our early learning center is of great help in providing quality online learning strategies for your child. Contact director Marcia Blake-Davey to learn more about the importance of continuing childhood education, despite the pandemic. You can visit our website for more resources.

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