Teaching the Little Ones Classic Manners

It’s important to teach children basic manners as early as possible. Doing so will make it easier for them to carry these manners into adulthood.

But it can be hard to teach little children basic manners such as saying “please, “excuse me”, or “thank you” if some of their classmates may not be doing so.

Today, Rainbow Rhymes Learning Center, Inc. will give you a few tips on how you can teach your child classic manners as early as daycare in Bronx.

  • Set an example
    The best way to ingrain good manners into your children is to be the model. Your child is a lot more likely to mimic your behavior compared to teachers at their early learning center.
  • Praise their good behavior
    Praising your child every time you catch them using good manners will encourage them to do that more often. If you see your child having a positive interaction when you pick them up from preschool in New York, say something like “Great job remembering to say ‘thank you’’ to your friends/teacher”.
  • Explain why it’s important
    Instead of nagging, explain why manners matter in a way your child will understand. This means not using long-winded or naggy tones during a conversation.

We sometimes expect preschoolers to act and think like adults, and that only leads to a lot of frustration for both the child and their parent. If you need help with talking to your little one, you can ask teachers at our daycare in Bronx, New York for tips and trips on getting through young noggins.

These were all our tips for teaching manners at our infant and toddler learning center. If you need more advice on how to teach your little one good manners, just give us a call!

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