Your Child’s Daily Tummy Aches and Headaches


Headaches and tummy aches are common in young kids. They are sometimes caused by playing too many video games, not getting enough sleep, or eating too much candy. But if your child is getting them often, this may be a sign that they are experiencing anxiety.

Headaches when it’s time to go to their daycare in Bronx, New York, tummy aches, or butterflies in their belly when there’s a scheduled quiz, these are all symptoms that your child is feeling anxious. Chances are, your child doesn’t even know what’s going on.

We’ve encountered many an anxious infant and toddler here at Rainbow Rhymes Learning Center, Inc. The physical symptoms of anxiety often trigger more fear for the child. While it’s easy for adults to regulate their anxiety response, children have yet to find ways to deal with it.

If your child keeps complaining that their tummy hurts before attending an early learning center, try to explain what’s happening using child-friendly ways. The healthiest way to help your child cope is to validate their feelings and explain what they are.

Also, don’t let your child avoid the things they are often scared of. It can be tempting to let your child stay home from their preschool in New York, but doing this will only reinforce their anxiety. Instead, practice some deep breathing, mindfulness exercises, and coping statements.

Need more tips? Give Rainbow Rhymes Learning Center a call and we will offer our expertise.

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